Why do you need exceptions

Every time you want to run a survey, you are looking for a pattern that proves or disproves your hypothesis. When you look at the outcomes of data, you tend to validate with qualitative groups. It should help you make sense of the patterns in data and if that cohort turns out to be an exact sample, you are lucky. Or are you just really lucky?

We don’t want to listen to the qualitative answers that overturn the hypothesis or derail it because it doesn’t fit the pattern that you are beginning to see. But don’t miss the specifics, the deviation in qualitative conversations.

We are always trying to aggregate our findings to fit into a framework but you need the exceptions to make the connection. It is a rare point where people agree with your data, and look for others who might deviate. Where should you end up? It should be at that intersection. This is harder to do and almost never achieved.



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